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Story behind the product

lemon bottle

”What came first: the bottle or
the lemon?”, we asked Shmuel Shabtai, when he showed us the
mysteriously lovely bottle with golden liquid and a ripe full-sized
lemon inside it.

Instead of replying, Shabtai took us to the citrus groves
where we saw bottles hanging from trees. Inside each bottle
was a lemon bud which over a 9-month period would grow into
a full-sized lemon. The bottles are “harvested” and filled with
fragrant oils that act as natural preservatives.

When opened, the bottles reveal the long-lasting aromatic
scent of a citrus grove.

The story behind this innovative product began in Persia (Iran) more than
50 years ago. Shabtai’s grandfather — an observant Jew — raised his own
etrog fruit — which along with the lulav is blessed
on the holiday of Sukkot. And then one day, his grandfather tried a little
experiment: he put the bud of a flowering etrog tree into a bottle,
and tied the bottle to the tree. The fruit continued to grow and eventually
a full-grown etrog was inside the bottle.

Fifty years later,
Shabtai adapted his grandfat
her’s original concept to a modern-day
marketable product. And what better location to grow the unusual lemon-in-a-bottle
than in Shabtai’s home, Kibbutz Ein Zurim, with its acres of citrus orchards.

Once the lemon is ripe, the bottles are filled with fragrance that allow
you to smell the aroma of citrus orchards wherever you may be.

Long lasting, lemon-in-a-bottle is always in season.

The products are approved by the Rabbinate as kosher, and therefore may be
used as bessamim [spices] in the Havdallah ceremony after the Sabbath.


Size: 200

   5-24:  $28

   25-49: $22

   50-99: $20

   100+: $18 

Lemon Flower Essence
in Velvet Pouch

Size: 15 ml

25-50: $5.00

51-100: $4.50
101-300: $4.00
301+: $3.50 

Flower Essence Havdala Set

Size: 30 ml 

Pouch + 6″ beeswax candle

20-50: $8

    51-99: $6

   100+: $5.5

Lemon Flower Essence

Size: 30 ml

Packaged in velvet pouch

      20-50: $5.00

      51-99: $4.50

      100+ $4.00

Lemon Flower Essence

Size: 120 ml

Packaged in carton

      20-50: $8.00

      51-99: $6.00

      100+   $5.50

Lemon Flower Essence

Size:  200 ml

Packaged in carton:

         20-50: $12.00

         51-99: $10.00

         100+   $8.00


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