Josh Zucker

Josh’s Bar Mitzvah Adventure

Drawing water
from the well.
month we follow Josh Z. on his Bar Mitzvah adventure at Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape Reserve
in Israel.

When Debby Z., Josh’s mother, inquired
about Bar Mitzvah adventure options at Neot Kedumim which is located 15 minutes
from Ben Gurion Airport, she was given a choice of two adventures, each of
which is specifically tailored to the Bar Mitzvah child and friends.

The traditional adventure focuses
on tefillin and the natural materials from which they are made: leather,
parchment, and ink. Activities, such as writing with the tools of a
Sofer Stam, are part of the day-long

Debby Z. writes: The adventure
we took focused on leadership: what are the characteristics required
to be a leader, who is accepted as one by the people, leaders in the Bible
and Jewish history. Along the route there were many different stations, including
one which Josh, the Bar Mitzvah boy himself, led (he came to Neot Kedumim
in advance to be prepared). Josh prepared and led a section on Yehoshua [Josh
Z.’s Biblical namesake] as a leader [learning materials were supplied by
Neot Kedumim] and explained about the plant which Yehoshua had used to outline
the plots of land which were allocated to Bnei Yisroel. The content was therefore
both nature-oriented and biblical.

was a section on staking out plots and the kids had to do it in a field for
themselves with no tools. There was an activity of herding sheep (see Tip

There was a station for drawing water
from a well with biblical references inscribed on signs. Each child got to
try and saw that it is not as easy as it looks. There was a station outfitted
with a quill and natural ink for writing a blessing to the birthday boy.

But the most-loved activity
was navigation [nivut]. We were divided into small groups,
with an adult or older teen in each one. Groups were given a map and had
to get to specific places in Neot Kedumim and work out the riddles there
and then make their way back to the lake. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

Then we had lunch, drinks and popsicles.
It was really nice, the kids were not bored, the content was biblical, nature-oriented,
and challenging. All in all, the adventure lasted about 5 hours. We liked
it, it was not high-priced, and it was fun. Highly recommended!


you don’t know how to lead sheep: Lead sheep by encouraging them from the
sides and behind, NOT from the front — don’t expect sheep to follow!


Neot Kedumim

Box 1007

71110 Lod, Israel

Tel: +972-8-977-0777.

Fax: (972) 8-977-0766

Write to the Events Dept.
to arrange your visit.

Text by Debby
Zucker and J. Isaacson. Photo by Debby Zucker

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