4 months

Diary of a Bat Mitzvah
Planning Parent

4 Months to the Big Day

This month I was given a real treat
— listening to my daughter practice her Torah portion.  She sounded
so confident, so sweet, and so proud  and it suddenly hit me that I
had better get really serious about our plans.

Now we needed plane reservations, room rates,

menus, guest lists, and invitations!  I quickly took care

of the flight arrangements and then faxed a list of

questions to Sde Boker concerning the
particulars.  While we are still working out the menus and the route
of the jeep tour, the event is definitely taking shape.

We reserved enough rooms for all our anticipated

guests, including some family-size rooms for friends with small children,
and some adult rooms for couples.

As a part of the evening jeep tour, we requested a meal in the desert and
Sde Boker suggested a full dinner, complete with tables and chairs, soup,
salads, and main course. We are suggesting, instead, that they arrange campfires
and kebabs that we can cook ourselves while sitting on blankets under the

Subject to family discussion, of course, I would like the cover of the invitation
to include the words a land of milk and honey — a verse found in my daughter’s

Torah portion — which would connect the invitation

to the Bat Mitzvah and to Israel. I visualize olive green lettering on a
cream colored textured paper, but until those get printed, I have been e-mailing
everyone to save the date!

We are still thinking about the ocean-cleaning mitzvah event that my daughter
and her cousins now anticipate

and this next month I plan to bring that into shape.

Text by Deborah

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