Dance, Expression and Jewish Ritual

Experience Dance, Expression and
Jewish Ritual
in a six-day workshop led by Dr. Joanne Tucker, founder
and artistic director of the Avodah Dance Ensemble.

Experience how movement

  • facilitates learning biblical text,
  • provides unique insights
    into Torah, and
  • connects to your personal
    spiritual journey.

  • Each day
    will include a dance warm-up, improvisational explorations of text, text
    study and the traditional midrashic process. Advanced work in either training
    to lead dance midrash in educational settings or developing a site-specific
    environmental dance midrash piece of choreography or an improvisational project,
    will also be available during the course.

    leader, Dr. Joanna Tucker, studied modern dance at the Julliard School in
    New York and at the Martha Graham Studio. Tucker has a Ph.D. in theatre from
    the University of Wisconsin.

    Tucker has created over 35 pieces
    for the Avodah Dance Ensemble which is based in New York City. The company
    tours throughout the U.S. and internationally. Dr. Tucker is co-author of
    Torah in Motion: Creating Dance Midrash, and author of Creative
    Movement for a Song: Activities for Young Children.
    She leads workshops
    and is artist-in-residence at congregations, schools, and retreats throughout
    the U.S, Italy and Israel. Tucker is a faculty member of Jewish Institute
    of Religion of Hebrew Union College.

    “Her pathfinder work of creating a
    modern dance company with a Jewish repertoire has had a long-term rippling
    effect on other spiritual belief systems. Through out the various sites,
    conferences and events on sacred dance, various Christian dance ministries,
    liturgical dance, and interfaith gatherings, you will hear her name mentioned
    and her work acknowledged as a resource and oasis for folks seeking to honor
    how the spirit moves”, Bernadine Jennings, Attitude, The Dancers’ Magazine.


    children’s program will include child care for ages 2-5, and programming similar
    to the adult programming but adapted to the ages of 6-12.


    Kibbutz Lotan, 60 miles north of Eilat.
    When: December 24-30, 2000

  • 690 per person (twin share)
  • $100 Single supplement
  • $670 per person
    (triple share)
  • $600 per person
    (five to a room)
  • $300 per person
    (non-participating spouse)
  • $200 Non-participating
    child in parent’s room (age 2-12)
  • $570 With own

    The total fee
    as shown below covers participation in the workshop, accommodations, and
    full board. These prices are also for an alternative parallel program for
    accompanying spouse or children (ages 2-12). The adult program will include
    visits to Eilat, Timna, practical ecological work, hikes in the area, holistic
    health sessions and learning about kibbutz life.

    Toll-free tel: 1-800-2000-75

    Fax: +972-7-635-6827
    E-mail: Kibbutz Lotan
    Website: Kibbutz Lotan

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