The Art of Etching

Intaglio Press is located on Kibbutz Cabri in the Western Galilee. The press
was opened in 1992 and since then has served as a print center for Israel’s
top artists. Professional etchings are executed under the direction of each
artist — with different techiques used to achieve the desired effects.
Plates of copper, steel, iron or zinc give the artist’s work a different
effect. At a later stage, baths of resin or acid, and tar or wax sealers
are used.

Galilee Intaglio Press opens its doors
to families or small groups for print workshops. Take a 3 day basic course
and learn how to create etchings using the different techniques and how to
differentiate between lithographs and etchings.


on Kibbutz Cabri include holiday apartments, horseback riding, pool (in season),
kosher meals, holistic treatments, and a workout gym.


Ofra Raif
Place: Kibbutz Cabri, Western Galilee

Tel: 04-995-2713; 04-995-2231

Fax: 972-4-995-2626
E-mail: Ofra Raif

Website: Kibbutz Cabri

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