Violin Mastercourse in the Galilee

Four hundred
and twenty applicants vie for 50 places in the annual Keshet Eilon Violin

Keshet [Hebrew word for bow]
is more than a bow. Keshet is a bridge — a bridge between peoples
and nationalities”, says Gilad Sheba, managing director of the foundation.
And Gilad ought to know. Originally, the violin mastercourse was started
to train the newly arrived group of young immigrants from the CIS. That was
10 years ago. Since then, the program has grown by word of mouth.

Master class with Maestro Shlomo Mintz
Under the patronage of Maestro Shlomo
Mintz, and under the musical direction of Prof. Yitzhak Rashkovsky, young
violinists from all over the world experience three weeks of intensive training.
Fifty talented young violinists from Israel and 24 other countries, including
Turkey, Iceland, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan, have gathered at Kibbutz Eilon
in the Galilee.

“Our students are the next generation
of concert violinists. Their professional lives are intense and very competitive.
However, at Keshet Eilon we find that these usually competitive musicians
enjoy the atmosphere of support and encouragement. The relaxed camp-like
environment of Kibbutz Eilon, coupled with the high standards of Keshet Eilon,
result in a wonderful mix of creativity and accomplishment,” continues Sheba.

Kibbutz Eilon is located in the north
of Israel on the Lebanese border. This year is the first time in the 10-year
history of Keshet Eilon that bombs are not falling and nights are not spent
in the bomb shelter.


hear melodious strings as you watch young talent being groomed by the likes
of Shlomo Mintz is the kernel for a splendid vacation. Besides the daily
master classes which are open to the public, tickets can be purchased for
a concert each evening over the three-week period.

Rooms are available at Kibbutz Keshet and at neighboring kibbutz guest houses.

The grand finale of the season takes place at the new music center in Rishon


July 28-August 15, 2000
Place: Kibbutz Eilon, Western Galilee 22845, Israel
Tel: (972)4-985-8191
Fax: (972)4-980-6766
E-mail: Keshet

Visit the site for schedules.
Directions: Route 70 north. At Hanita Junction, make a
right turn to Route 899 in the direction of Shlomi. Located on Route 899.

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