The New Negev Pioneer

Surrounded by kibbutzim and a strong
socialist population, Zohar HaMidbar Farm is the only capitalist venture
for miles in the surrounding desert. Down the road from Kibbutz Revivim,
a communal settlement founded before the establishment of the state of Israel,
is a new kind of Negev pioneering spirit. The Zionist idealists who settled
here believed that the Negev must be settled to keep the country safe.

Photo credit:
Ruti Rubinstein
and Oren, formerly of Ramat HaSharon, Israel’s yuppie city, leased 350 dunams
(approx. 100 acres) of desert land. Zohar, a charming well-traveled native
Israeli, delights in mixing textures and atmospheres. For her, the desert
is a backdrop to the gourmet cuisine she offers on the veranda overlooking
the desert landscape. On a distant hilltop, just beyond the boundaries of
her property, you can see an army base with the flag of Israel flying above.
Across the road live local Beduoin in goathair tents. Zohar’s horses roam
in the corral.

In preparing her gourmet meals, Zohar
uses ingredients that are native to the area: olives, tomatoes, pistachioes,
and melons are grown in the desert and are irrigated with 10,000 year old
brackish water from deep underground wells. She also raises pigeons and quails
that she sells to restaurants in the central part of the country.

Photo credit:
Ruti Rubinstein

By reservation only.

Non-kosher. Vegetarian meals available on request.

Down the road from Zohar HaMidbar, visit the new thermal spa. Soak in 10,000
year old water from underground cisterns.

Contact us for more information.
Location: South of Be’er Sheva on route 222.

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