Nes Ammim

Christian Communal Settlement

away behind a Jewish village and an Arab town is Nes Ammim, an ecumenical
Christian community. Nes Ammim was founded in 1963 by people from Holland
and Germany as a home and study center for the development of mutual respect,
tolerance and understanding. The communal settlement is situated south-east
of Nahariya in the Western Galilee. The collective settlement is similar
to others with one important difference: the duration of residency is limited.
Short stayers remain between one and two years; whereas longer staying residents
remain for over two years.

the atrocities of the Holocaust, community members sought to renew their
relationships with the Jewish people. Perceiving Christianity to be the root
cause of anti-semitism, and thus also of the Holocaust, founding members sought
to atone for these sins by making an economic contribution to the State of
Israel. Their mission was to develop close relationships with Jews and to
study Judaism in order to ensure that the events of the past would never
recur. They envisioned the Western Galilee community as an opportunity to
show their solidarity with the Jewish people.

Not Missionaries

The community focuses on respect of others and not missionary work. The
Israeli government’s concern over the possibility of missionary activities
led to an imposition of certain restrictions on the residents. These restrictions
include that residents are not allowed to become Israeli citizens, the maximum
number of residents at any one time must not exceed 250, residents may not
stay permanently in the village, and Jewish people are not allowed to live

Much like a kibbutz, Nes Ammim community
is a cooperative society. Members eat in a communal dining room, work at
the community rose nurseries and avocado orchards and in the hotel on the
premises. Today, approximately 100 people, including 20 children, live at
Nes Ammim.



Seminars, encounters
and study programs are offered at Nes Ammim. Examples of the topics are Christian
faith after the Holocaust, traces of early Christianity in the Galilee, and
projects and models of Jewish-Arab cooperation.


Classical concerts and music by popular Israeli artists are a monthly feature
at Nes Ammim. Concerts are held in the ecumenical chapel in the winter months
and in the garden during the summer.


Ammim Hotel is situated on landscaped grounds and beautiful gardens. Hotel
facilities include a supervised kosher kitchen, an outdoor pool, a synagogue,
and a non-denominational prayer hall.


Route 4 north of Haifa past Acre. Exit at Maazara, Regba, and follow the
road 4 km to Nes Ammim.
Tel: 972-4-995-0000
Fax: 972-4-995-0098
E-mail: Hotel
Nes Ammim

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