Mosaic Workshops

By Yael Portugheis
how to arrange your ideas and bring a concept to life without using mixed
media. Learn how to manipulate colored stones to express the picture in
your mind in a concrete form.

In a mosaic workshop you will learn
these concepts as you study the relationships between colors and how colored
tiles influence the total composition as they lie side by side.

The 20-hour workshop for adults teaches
participants how to conceptualize a mosaic, work with the colors and the
other technical aspects of classic mosaic making. Both the direct and indirect
methods of mosaic making will be taught. Each workshop participant will complete
two mosaics, one by direct (impression) application and one by indirect (traditional
reversed) application.


by Sarit Pilts-Granit, the studio is located in Ramat HaSharon. Sarit has
been teaching mosaic making for five years. Each class has 6-8 students.

Classes meet four times for 5 hours each time.


Sarit Pilts-Granit

Tel: 03-547-0973

Route 5 to Kefar HaYarok junction. Take Ramat Hasharon exit. Turn right
onto Derech HaRishonim. Continue straight until traffic circle near the police
station. Make a right onto Shivtei Yisrael. Look for Habanim Street. Studio
is in Building #6. There is a plaque for the mosaic studio

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