By the Light of Aphrodisiac Candles

the heart of the Gush Segev region of the Galilee, you will find Gershon,
proprietor of Aroma Lights. Here Gershon, using ancient recipes, concocts
scented candles from a mixture of oils from the Galilee: olive, palm and
cotton oils. The candles are scented with calming eucalyptus from China,
jasmine from Egypt, soothing lavendar from France, and purifying myrhh from
Ethiopia and Yemen. Candles scented with a combination of orange and geranium
mix to deliver an aphrodisiac effect.

During a 30-minute factory tour Gershon
explains to visitors about the natural botanical base oils that are mixed
with essential oils to give an aromatic experience the entire time the candle
is lit. You can learn about each of the scents, where they are from and what
it takes to create the perfume that goes into the candles. Watch candles
being made.


Gershon’s free talk entitled, Love and Desire, to learn more about
aphrodisiac oils and scents. The tour and talk are free of charge.

Open: 8 AM – 6 PM

Advance reservations are recommended.

Tel. 04-999-8248.


Take route 784 north from Yodfat. Make a left into Atzmon (Misgav). If you
reach the intersection with route 805, you drove too far. Continue straight
on road, past Misgav, until you see a row of three small warehouses on the

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