A Tale of Two Countries

the Good Fence along the Israel-Lebanese border is now officially closed,
and the flags of the two countries do not stand together there anymore, we
found an intimate spot in the Galilee attesting to friendship between the
two countries.

At the Twins’ Restaurant, twin sisters,
Mai and Micheline, serve kosher Lebanese cuisine, just like they ate in the
“old” country. The personal story of these two women is reason enough to
visit the restaurant.


Love Without Borders
The sisters were born to a well-to-do Jewish Lebanese family. When they were
still toddlers, their mother became ill. Their daily care became the responsibility
of their Christian nanny, whom they fondly nicknamed Dada. When the girls
were young adults, both parents died. Mai and Micheline moved to Israel.
Over the years they stayed in touch with Dada, but when the Lebanese war
broke out they lost all contact with her. The sisters did all they could
to locate Dada – until one day, Dada appeared at the Good Fence and visited
the twins in Israel. As the years passed and Dada aged, Micheline and Mai
made a commitment to reunite with their beloved nanny. Micheline and Mai
used all their connections and cut through a great deal of red tape. With
the help of some high up “protekzia”, Dada was finally granted Israeli citizenship.
Today she lives with Mai and the family.

Kosher Lebanese Cuisine Mai
and Micheline believe in using products and ingredients indigenous to the
Galilee: herbs, rose water, almonds, pine nuts, to name a few. To preserve
textures and aromas of the Jewish Lebanese kitchen, the sisters insist on
using manual methods of preparation. The excellent food reflects their conservative


ahead to reserve. Ask to meet the sisters and hear them tell their story.
Some days Dada is there too.

Kosher with certificate.


Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Friday: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Closed Saturday.

Entrance to Moshav Shechenya in the Western Galilee. Route no. 784. If you
reach the intersection with route 805, you drove too far.

Tel: 04-9998153

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