Mosaic Eilon

Intricate Mosaics as Interior Design Elements

Design your own mosaic carpet with Eilon Mosaics. Eilon
Mosaics supplies elegant mosaic inserts, “rugs”, backsplashes, and
other intricate interior design elements to overseas customers.

Eilon Mosaics in the western
Galilee was founded over 40 years ago by members of Kibbutz Eilon
in an attempt to recreate that beauty and attention to detail. The challenge
facing the founders of Eilon Mosaic was to create mosaic products
which combined the ancient art with modern-day practicality.

of mosaic floors in the Galilee attest to cultures rich in beauty and detail.
In ancient times, homes of the wealthy and places of worship were adorned
with intricately-laid patterns filled with chiselled stones that formed a

The products — inset
“rugs”, floor tiles, furniture, and wall coverings — attest to the success
of Eilon Mosaics. Pieces may be custom-ordered to fit the colors, dimensions,
and “look” of the designated area.

When I visited the factory I found
a wide selection of ready-made floor inserts and tabletops. The original designs
are based on geometric themes, as well as floral and heraldic patterns, in
a variety of sizes and color tones. Company director Sara Sved, showed me
photos of commissioned orders for hotels, museums, and even the President’s
in Jerusalem. Prices vary according to the complexity and
size of the design. Two of the pieces pictured here measure approximately
3.5 ft x 4 ft and start at $1000.

Private customers commission floor
or wall inserts for bathrooms, entry halls, kitchens, hallways. Mosaic
patterned inserts can turn a standard room — or home — into an elegant
space rich with tones from the past.

By Judith Isaacson.

Photos courtesy of Eilon Mosaics.


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