Symbolic Tombstones for Holocaust Victims

the period following Passover, there are three days which are of great importance
to the Jewish people. A certain logical order exists as we begin with Holocaust
Remembrance Day then observe Memorial Day for the Soldiers of Israel and
then finally celebrate Israel Independence Day.

Yad Vashem in Jerusalem is the central
authority of Holocaust remembrance for the Jewish people and the State of
Israel. Here, strong emphasis is placed on documenting and commemorating
the Holocaust. However, as the years go by, there are fewer opportunties to
capture first-hand recollections of that devastating period. To that end,
Yad Vashem has developed a program to “preserve Holocaust memory for future

One of the central tasks of Yad Vashem
is to gather material regarding all those members of the Jewish people who
perished because they were Jewish, and to perpetuate their names and those
of their communities which were destroyed.

Time is running out and your cooperation
is crucial. Yad Vashem has designed Pages of Testimony to serve as
symbolic tombstones and lasting memorials for Holocaust victims.

How You Can Help: If you know
relatives of people who perished in the Holocaust, tell them about the Pages
of Testimony
and help them fill in a separate page for each victim. Interview
the oldest living relative for details on the victims.


Completed pages should be sent to:

Yad Vashem

Hall of Names

P.O. Box 3477

Jerusalem 91034, Israel

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