Sarah Malki

discover hidden talents at the age of 30, and believe enough in yourself
to nurture them, is an act of faith. Sarah Malki is a confident woman whose
faith in herself was well-placed. Today her bright, airy studio and home
exhibit the inner thoughts of a gifted artist through her paintings.

One look at a Malki painting stimulates
thoughts in one direction while a second look may cause the observer to explore
a whole new area. The paintings unlock secrets and tell a different story
each time they are viewed.

paints using mixed media, including different kinds of papers, acrylic and
oil paints, other art and construction materials. Her current paintings are
based on trees and how their barks transform while burning. The colors she
uses tend to be those found in nature such as greens, oranges, yellows and
some blacks and grays.

Malki began her art studies in Israel,
and continued in London and New York. Together with her husband and two daughters,
Malki lived in New York for six years. There she studied under artist Don
Stacy and joined the Association of Queen’s Artists where she taught painting.
Malki believes that her experience in New York enabled her to learn how to
paint beyond the world in which she was raised.

U.S. Exhibits

Individual show

  • Gallery of Washington Square

  • Group shows

  • Chung Chen Gallery
  • Pen and Brush Gallery
  • St. John’s University
  • Fordham University at
    Lincoln Center
  • Lever House
    Israel Exhibits

  • Moffet Gallery
  • Yad LeBanim
    Sarah Malki is the curator of the
    Moffet Gallery, Raanana, Israel.

  • tips
    In addition to painting, Malki also
    teaches painting to adults, some of whom have been attending classes twice
    a week for over five years.

    The artist has sold her paintings to
    collectors from the U.S. and Israel. Visits by appointment only.

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