Lifeline for th eOld

Lifeline for the Old

“Honor the face of an old man”
(Leviticus 19:32). It is often said that the quality of a society is measured
by the attitude toward its old people. At Lifeline for the Old in Jerusalem,
elderly new immigrants and oldtimers in Israel are encouraged to continue
contributing to society. At a time in their lives when they often spend idle
days, at Lifeline great value is placed on the abilities of the elderly.

Lifeline for the Old provides on-the-job
training in one or more of the ten different workshops on the premises. The
newly-trained elderly craftsmen and women produce high quality, marketable
goods which are sold in the organization’s store. The income generated by
the sales is a source of pride to the members of this community organization.

Volunteer opportunities: Lifeline
needs volunteers to help keep the organization running smoothly. If you are
willing to donate a few hours a day for at least a three-day period, contact
the Lifeline office to make arrangements. Yiddish- and Russian-speakers are
particularly needed. Here is a list of job descriptions:

Material preparation. Work with
the instructor to prepare materials as you interact with the elderly craftspeople.

Gift shop volunteer. English
speakers needed to help out in the gift shop. Other languages an asset.
Minimum 1-week commitment.

Tour leader. If you are on an
extended visit to Israel, Lifeline will train you to lead tours of the facility.

Talented people. If you feel
you have a service to offer, please contact Lifeline and tell them what you
can do for them.


for the Old

Dept. of Volunteer Opportunities

14 Shivtei Israel St.

P.O. Box 28

Jerusalem 91000, Israel

Tel: 972 (2) 628-7829; 972 (2) 628-9737

Fax: 972 (2) 627-3739

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