Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers


Winter showers bring spring
flowers and now all Israel is in bloom. After a few dry winters this year’s
rains gave all Israel the treat of seeing nature at work, as gorgeous wild
flowers sprung up throughout the country.

in the Western Galilee shades of leafy green were mixed with violet, reds,
yellows, white and oranges. The flowers abound. Some stems peek out of rocks
while others grow in clusters.

On a recent
Friday, our family spent a wonderful day


hiking. It was a communion
with nature and a time to enjoy the air and sun as we walked through fields
and forests without paying attention to time.

To reach our day tripping spot, we drove north of Admit along a well constructed,
snake-like road that vaguely resembled the Swiss alpine roads.


As we walked south of
the Lebanese border, we discovered caves formed from limestone and imagined
what it would be like to use a cave for shelter from harsh weather.

Text and photos by M. Kaplan-Green.

The views from both sides of
the road are totally different. Hike on both! Bring along a sketch pad to
relax and feel a part of nature.


Readers interested in spring flowers will enjoy reading Discovering Natural Israel by Michal Strutin.

info Take route 8993 to Ya’ara. Drive north up the
mountain. You will come to a place where the road widens and you can park
your car.

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