Maot Chittim

Maot Chittim


Recently, my daughter’s
class was divided into groups for a project. Each group had to come up with
a concept to help others in need.

Avital’s group learned about the astronomical number of children who live
below the poverty line in Israel. With the recession, everyone has friends
whose parent’s have had to look for new or additional work. For some, sharing
lunch with a friend who forgot hers at home, is routine.

The group decided to collect canned foods and sweets for people who do not
have enough to eat. The fourth graders felt the sweets were as important
as food because “every kid needs candy”.

Within a few days of asking family and neighbors, they succeeded in collecting
more food than they could possibly carry.

Their next job was to find an appropriate way to donate the food without
embarrassing anyone. Sure enough, right around the corner was Ilana Banks,
an Israeli who is originally from South Africa.

Ilana delivers food to local families in need. Her project is completely
private, so much so, that once you give her the food, the donor is completely
out of the picture. TELFED — the South African Zionist Federation — supports
the project and wrote the fourth graders a lovely note.

Maot Chitim, and giving food to those in need, is particularly important
before Passover when homes are cleaned thoroughly and kosher-for-Passover
food must be bought.

Text by M. Kaplan-Green.

To donate to Ilana’s food program,
contact us.

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