Mitzpe Massua

Lookout Restaurant

Owner Yaki Cohen [r]

Amidst greenery,
high on top of the mountain, sits

Mitzpe [Hebrew for lookout] Massua.

With attention paid to the

ecological correctness of the site, owners Miri and Yaki Cohen, have created
a cozy hilltop restaurant with a view overlooking the Ayala Valley.

Located on the way to Beit Guvrin,

Mitzpe Massua sits among some lesser known caving areas. Yaki is available
to lead a caving or snappeling tour, as well as donkey tours, culminating
in a meal on the hill.

Both as a drop-in spot, and as an event destination for a catered meal,
Mitzpe Massua is an experience worth the 45 minute drive over twisty roads
from the center of the country.

In addition to the main house, an authentic Beduoin tent is available
for musical evenings and partying.

Kosher L’Mehadrin.

Dairy and meat kitchens

Tel: 02-9912464

Mobile: 050-306084

Fax: 02-9917980

Location: Off Route 38 between Tzomet Ha’ela and Tzomet

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