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As my mother always said: “G-d helps those
who help themselves.” It may have been a frustrating line to hear time and
again growing up, but after a while, I suppose the message sunk in.

Giving people the
ability to support themselves and their families is one of the greatest mitzvoth.
In writing this column and exploring the country we @The Source Israel have
been fortunate to meet many people who dedicate their lives to teaching others
the tools to learn how to become self-sufficient and to provide for their

This month we are
highlighting the Haredi Center for Technological Studies.

For the ultra-Orthodox
community, learning Torah and Talmud in a yeshiva fulltime is a way of life.
However at a certain point, men realize that they need to support their families
financially as well as spiritually. Women often seek employment outside of
the home to either boost the family income or to support the family.

The government population
census indicates that the ultra-Orthodox population is increasing by 4.5%
annually. As their share of the population increases, it becomes all that
much more important that the community contribute to society and not drain
it by living below the poverty line. According to the Center’s credo: “To
improve Israeli society in general, and the personal lives of thousands of
religious Jews in particular.”

The Rambam
stated that “There are eight levels of charity… and the highest level is
to help a person help himself.” Since the school is for adults who are building
families and seeking to support them, many of the women have already worked
as teachers and all of the men learn in yeshivot. Building on the problemsolving
skills and superior concentration levels achieved by rigorous Talmud study,
the Center helps to give students the academic knowledge they require
to embark on rewarding careers.

Founded in 1996 in
cooperation with Bar Ilan University and The Technion, the Center offers
courses and certification in technical engineering, computer programming,
graphic design, marketing, accounting and interior design.

Since opening its
doors to the first class of 35 students in Jerusalem, the Center now educates
1,600 students in Jerusalem and in its regional centers in Bnei Brak, Ashdod
and Kiryat Sefer.

The Haredi Center
is special in that it offers students an atmosphere that is consistent with
their religious beliefs. Men and women learn in separate programs. The men’s
program is run in the evening enabling them to continue yeshiva studies during
the day.

The Center must be
doing something right as graduates are seeking and finding employment despite
the recession.

A productive self-sufficient
family is a healthy one, and by training men and women in careers, the Haredi
Center helps to build a stronger society.

Text by M. Kaplan-Green.
Photos courtesy of The Haredi Center.


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The Haredi Center
for Technological Studies is a recognized Israeli non-profit organization.

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