Author Sylvia Rouss

Author Sylvia Rouss reading from

The Littlest Frog
Prize winning children’s author, Sylvia
read three of her books to about 30 children and their parents
at a book reading sponsored by @The Source Israel, in Ra’anana.

“The intimacy of the
reading allowed me to interact with the children one on one — they were
very polite, listened carefully to the stories, asked questions, and were
altogether delightful,” Ms. Rouss said from her home in California. Inspired
by rainy winter days to write The Littlest Pair, the story of two
termites who board Noah’s Ark, Rouss’s message is that everyone has something
special to offer, regardless of outward appearances. As Rouss read, “And
they entered the ark two by two…”, a precocious member of the audience
piped up, “So they could have babies…”. The children were acquainted
with Rouss’s books. One little girl commented that “every book you do, rhymes.”

From The Littlest Frog

While in Israel, Ms. Rouss was able to speak with children ages 8-13 for
her upcoming book, Tali’s Jerusalem Scrapbook, a story about a nine-year-old
girl whose American family is too afraid to travel to Israel to celebrate
her birthday with her, as they have done in previous years.

Sylvia was struck
by two things in particular while in Israel: the level of anxiety Israeli
children feel about an upcoming war and terrorist attacks but also by the
way in which the children went about their daily business — going to school,
going to after school activities, doing their homework — daily life hasn’t

“I love Israel,”
Ms. Rouss said, “and there is no place on earth that I would rather vacation
in.” My husband and I have been coming here at least once a year since
we got married about thirty years ago. I just wish that more Americans
would visit Israel now. Just like when someone is ill, when a loved one
is in trouble, we draw nearer — that should be the response of all American
Jews — come to Israel, show them that you care.”

Text by D. Rosenbloom.


The Littlest Candlesticks


The Littlest Frog

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The Littlest Pair

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