“Birds Know No Boundaries”

Birdwatching, until recently a hobby only for
fanatics and professionals, has become a national pastime. November 2002,
will see the opening of Israel’s great birdwatching season, with the migrations
of tens of thousands of birds across Israel ‘s skies, with various rest stops
in their winter journeys [north/south].

Several nature organizations
are planning numerous activities around the country 96 particularly in the
north 96 to enable people to witness this annual, breathtaking sight. Last
year ‘s event hosted over 50,000 visitors to the Hula Valley, with scores
of others visiting Kfar Ruppin, Gamla, Eilat in the South and other sites
where the birds become a major attraction.

November 7, 2002, is the official opening
date of this year’s birdwatching season, scheduled to last more than a month
with numerous activities to take place in the Hula Valley, the Galilee, Golan
and the Northern valleys.

Jointly organized by SPNI, JNF,
the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority, Galilee Agricultural
Department, and the Hula Valley Authority, these groups will be sponsoring
tours and other activities in the area during this peak bird-migration season,
as thousands of cranes stop in the area during the course of their journey
from Europe to Africa.

events, including concerts and appearances by Israeli artists and musicians
will also be held; details will appear closer to the dates in local newspapers.

Text and photo courtesy of SPNI.


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  • The Mitzpeh Hayamim Hotel in the Galilee will be offering
    special vacation packages including tours and visits, as well as popular
    and classical music performances held in nature sites. (04) 699-4555


For further information contact these participating

  • SPNI’s Teleteva hotline (03) 638-8688
  • JNF’s Forest Phone 1-800-350-550
  • Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority Green
    Talk 1-800-546-666
  • Gamla Preserve (04) 682-2282
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