Ramat Gan

had an adventure! We went on safari! The ostriches, rhinos, zebras, crowned
cranes, marabou, waterbucks, Arabian oryx and their friends, greeted our
car as they strode over to welcome the days’ visitors to the Safari Park
in Ramat Gan, Israel.

After passing the welcoming committee
and entering the parking area, we were pleased to see that golf carts are
available for rent for those who prefer to scoot around.

Ready to meet and learn more, we found
the apes busy playing lively games of tag and catch. While the giraffes
were enjoying their lunch, so did we. We ate pitot stuffed with
vegetables, while the giraffes preferred their greens-n’ other veggies straight.

The family of elephants charmed us and we enjoyed watching them
maybe as much as they enjoyed watching us.


Amazing acrobats
from the Chinese circus treated us to an outstanding performance. We watched
women juggling tremendous clay planters on their feet. Then other women climbed
into the same pots and the jugglers turned the planters around with their
feet with the women inside!

Plate spinners. A man who stacked one chair atop another kept balancing in
a single-handed handstand, he reached a height of as many as eight high!


stunts astounded
us. We had such fun but were exhausted long before we had a chance to
visit all of the animals. We definitely need to visit again!

Driving out, we saw the lions that
were lounging under the trees. Happily, they were well fed and relaxed and
we could enjoy watching them from the comfort of our own car.


  • Tel: 03-631-2181
  • Location: Zoological
    Park, Ramat Gan
  • Route 4 to Aluf
    Sade exit. At first light, make a left. Continue straight. At roundabout
    make 3/4 turn to enter the National Park, continue straight into the Safari.

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