Through A Lens

Ruti Rubenstein, photography is a means to a deeper understanding of her
own feelings as well as an opportunity to view and produce inspirational
photographs that tell a story.

Based in the south of Israel on Kibbutz
Ketura, 45 minutes north of Eilat, she finds inspiration in the children
she meets and the Arava desert where she lives.

A native of England, Ruti immigrated
to Be’er Sheva, Israel, with her parents in 1973, when she was in 9th grade.
After studying behavioral science at Ben Gurion University, she decided
to spend the summer on Kibbutz Ketura. That summer visit grew into an extended
stay, as Ruti found that the kibbutz ideology together with the desert
colors, quiet, clean air, open space and good people, were a place called

Combining her artistic talent with
her background in counseling, Ruti offers a series of photography workshops
ranging from inspirational photography to the basic how-to-shoot-a-photo.

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