Timna Park – On the
Exodus Route from Egypt?

is believed that the Israelites came very close to Timna in their desert wanderings.
Depending on which Exodus route you follow, they could have been within
a few miles of Timna. The park has an excellent video presentation on the
three possible Exodus routes – and all five options for which mountain really
is Mount Sinai!

Jump start your imagination by visiting
the life-size reconstruction of the Tabernacle complete with the Ark of the
Covenant, as described in Exodus 33:7-11.

Timna is also the site of ancient
copper mines. The Midianites were extracting and smelting copper here for
the Egyptian empire at the same time as the Israelites were slaving away
down in Egypt proper, and probably under similar conditions.

The “Mushroom”

an ancient document known as the “Papyrus Harris”, Ramses III (1184-1153
BCE) in the place called Atika which may be identified with the Arava desert,
mentions the copper mines:

“I sent forth my messengers to
the country of Atika to the great copper mines which are in this place…
mines were found abounding in copper.”

It is likely that the copper for
many of the implements of the Tabernacle (Mishkan) came from the Timna copper


tours and camping on the site are available by prior arrangement.


Red Sea Desert in the heart of the Arava.

25 km north of Eilat on Route 90.

To arrange overnite camping, contact
the park at

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