Nachshon Winery

in a vineyard with friends, drinking the local vintner’s wine while snacking
on organically-grown raisins and almonds, as well as goat cheese and olive
oil, sounds poetic, reminiscent of a Yiddish folksong, doesn’t it?

No, you don’t have to book a flight
to Tuscany or Napa Valley, not even to France. This vacation is both local
and affordable. Easily accessible in the heart of Israel, in the Ayalon Valley,
the Nachshon Winery at Kibbutz Nachshon is open daily year-round for visits
and seasonal workshops.

Through hands-on experiences, visitors
can participate in winemaking and olive oil pressing methods that date back
to biblical times. As we learn from the Bible, grapes grown in the mountains
produce excellent wine. And at the Nachshon Winery, the Bible comes alive
— the vineyards are planted in the same place where grapes were grown 2500
years ago. An ancient wine press stands next to the modern wine processing

Nachshon Winery was founded by vintner Aryeh Padawer, and Orly, his wife
and business manager. Both Aryeh and Orly are members of Kibbutz Nachshon.
Prior to becoming a vintner, Aryeh worked in the kibbutz fruit orchards.
In 1996 he planted the first vineyard. Today, one-tenth of the grapes grown
in the vineyards are used to make Nachshon wines and the rest of the yield
from the 55 acres are sold as grapes. The winery produces 10,000 bottles annually.
The varieties include Merlot, Argaman, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Most of the wines produced at the
winery today are reds but there are some white Chardonnay as well. “In the
future, I hope to mix grapes and create new wines,” says Aryeh. The Ayalon
red, a full-bodied wine is a good example of a blend using merlot and cabernet

A cottage industry, the Padawer’s
three children also take an interest in winemaking. Ella, the youngest, enjoys
guiding pre-schoolers and giving taste tests with grape juice.

For guests older than Ella’s catchment
group, the workshops listed below are a great way to learn about the area
and the wine. “Interestingly, men are the main consumers while women shy
away from tasting and selecting wines,” says Orly.

Note: Wines of the Nachshon Winery
do not carry a Certificate of Kashrut.

Text and photos by:
M. Kaplan-Green



  • Wine: spring,
    3-4 hours, fee.
  • Olive oil: winter,
  • Family: summer
    and holidays, 2 hours, fee.
  • Harvest: spring
    and fall, 45 min, fee.
  • info

    Location: Route
    3 between Latrun and Hulda.

    Call in advance for opening times:

    972-8-927-8641 or 972-52-751-751.

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