Letter from Lonely Tourists



I’m sorry that I
did not have the chance to respond to your e-mail before we left the States.
Preparing to be away for 3 weeks was challenging. But we’re here in this
beautiful country and have spent the past 10 days traveling from Jerusalem
to the Golan Heights down to the Dead Sea. It is so devastating and sad to
be nearly the only tourists here in Israel. Not for one second have I felt
insecure or in danger. I only hope that more American Jews will wake up and
understand that this country belongs to all of us and that we must be here,
even if it means sequestering oneself in a hotel in Eilat.

Anyway, Deborah, my boys are well-situated
in their respective Matnasim. [community centers] Daniel is working
at Matnas Nirim, where he worked last summer. He was received there yesterday
like a hero’s welcome home.

is working at Matnas Taubel, in an even poorer neighborhood in Beersheva.
He had us walk last night to the [shopping] mall and buy soccer balls to play
with the children. The boys work in their respective centers from 8:30 till
1:30, daily, after which they return to Beit Yatziv [youth hostel in Beersheva]
where there is a pool, and where they can relax. We have friends here now
whom we met last summer, so my boys have friends with whom to hang out. My
hope is that this experience will foster in them a tremendous feeling of
confidence and independence and that this will be an ongoing relationship
with the children, the teachers, and with Israel.

So, Deborah, I am a lady of leisure
while my boys are working. I shall be spending time with several doctors
who make home visits to hospice patients, to the bedouin, as well as observing
medicine in the clinics.

I hope that you are well.




your support for Israel by coming to visit. Your presence provides much
needed solidarity.


31° 47′ N 35° 13′ E

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