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Archeological Museum of Kfar Sava

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Avital Noa Green
went with my third grade class to the Archeological Museum of Kfar Sava.
We walked into a huge wide building. The first thing we did, was put all
of our bags down in the cafeteria. Once we were ready, Rina, our tour guide
took us out of the building and told us a story.

Rina taught us about mosaics, which
are called psifas
in Hebrew. Did you know that a mosaic
could tell a long story? There are a lot of bible stories on mosaics. Like
hieroglyphics, they tell stories. I like learning stories from pictures,
because we see what people saw a long time ago, long before there were cameras.

The Greeks made the first mosaics.
Actually, a kid made the first one. Rina told us this story.

There was a poor family. In those
days kids started working when they were two years old. Once a little boy
went to collect water from the well. Every day, the mom would try to clean
the house quickly while the boy was out fetching water. Lots of times, he
trekked his muddy feet through the house, and dirtied the clean floor. When
he was about ten years old, his mother said to him, “Please don’t dirty the
floor next time you come home.” The boy wondered how he was going to do that.
The whole day, he sat by the well and thought how he was going to manage
to keep the floor clean when he came home. While he was thinking, he looked
into the well and saw rocks. He didn’t know what kind of rocks they were,
but decided to build with them anyway. As he was building, he slipped and
bumped his head. “Wow,” he said, “this is sure is slippery!” It was already
dark out so he went home. The next morning, he came back and started slamming
and pounding the stones. And that became the first mosaic ever made.

After the story we went into a room
with lots of old models of water bottles, oil lamps, fossils and more. In
the middle of the room there was a huge model of people making pottery and
they were all sitting or standing on a mosaic floor. The mosaic was made
up of tiny pieces. There was so much detail in every piece of the model.
There were tiny forks and spoons, dishes and a man walking with a donkey.

All of the descriptions in the museum
are written in Hebrew and English. The museum has exhibits about the beginning
of human beings, the Ottoman Empire and the Kfar Sava area, this visit we
only had time to focus on one very interesting thing, mosaics. After we learned
about mosaics, we made our own. I made a mosaic with my initials. I’d recommend
this museum to everyone.


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