Vitrage at Kibbutz Nachshon

Vitrage artist Shedmi

[Credit: M. Kaplan-Green]
sun on a clear bright day illuminates the Stained Glass Workshop at Kibbutz
Nachshon with a vast of array of colors and designs. In the window, the colors
and shapes come together to tell stories that patrons wish to recall.

Shedmi, the stained glass designer,
studied at the Bezalel Academy of Design in Jerusalem where he trained as
a graphic artist with a specialty in building exhibit space. After the Six
Day War in 1967, he, together with other members of Kibbutz Nachshon, walked
over to the Trappist Monastery at Latrun, to taste the wine produced there
by the monks.

Trappist Monastery

at Latrun

[Credit: J. Isaacson]
Shedmi happened upon an 82 year old
Dutch monk who was making stained glass. For 50 years, the Dutch monk had
been living in the monastery creating vitrage for churches in the region.

“Watching him, I made a switch,” says
Shedmi, “I left graphic design and entered the world of vitrage. I was a
Nazir ben haNezzirim [monk among monks.] Everyday
I used to pedal over on my bicycle and study the principles of vitrage. He
worked in the garden on nice days and in the stable in inclement weather.
Like those who lived 100 years before him, he created masterpieces in glass.
He passed away and I was left with the ability to continue the craft.”

“The Stained Glass Workshop is a continuation
of his vision, it is his legacy,” said Shedmi. The workshop opened its doors
in 1971 and has been producing colorful, imaginative glass works of art ever

Work in progress

[Credit: M. Kaplan-Green]

Commissioned window for Belfast

[Credit: M. Kaplan-Green]
from the Stained Glass Workshop hang in over sixty synagogues worldwide as
well as in churches in Israel and Africa, and in many office buildings, malls
and private homes worldwide. Shedmi also does restoration of antique windows.

A Palestinian woman living with her
family in Belfast, Ireland, missed the colors and light of the region so
much that her family commissioned a stained glass window for her from Shedmi.

Very reasonably
priced non-breakable glass platters, dishes, mobiles and assorted
Judaica, is sold in the small store in front of the workshop.


Kibbutz Nachshon (half way between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem) on Route 3. Call
ahead to confirm opening hours.

  • Tel: 08-927-8615
  • Hours: 8 AM to
    3 PM.
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