Family Day in Caesarea

Looking down from a Roman

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Arriving at Caesarea via land rather than sea
was definitely the best option on a clear beautiful day, when the air was
crisp and the Mediterranean Sea wild. We hadn’t toured and picnicked at the
ancient Roman ruins for a while, and had a great time learning anew about
the strong and influential Roman society that had built Caesarea.

With the entire family
we play acted being gate keepers, tradesmen, shopkeepers and restaurateurs
in those ancient times.

Although we didn’t
go swimming, the local beach is lovely and the sea water is warm and inviting.

The New Israeli Opera performs in
the amphitheater in June and July. The performances are memorable and not
to be missed. The world is a stage when the stage is the land and sea behind
it. Last year, when we attended the production of Othello, we learned
first-hand that one should plan to arrive at least an hour before curtain
time to picnic and enjoy the pre-performance shows, or to dine al fresco
at one of the Caesarea restaurants.

The gorgeous scenery,
historical interest and the fact that one has the freedom to roam and imagine
all in one place, not only made for a wonderful day, but reminded us all
we should return soon.

Text and photos: M. Kaplan-Green


Hours of Antiquities Site: Sun. – Thurs.
8 AM – 4 PM
Admission: Fee


Caeserea is located off Route 2. There are
three entrances: the first, next to the theater; the second, at the eastern
gate to the Crusader city; and the third, south of the city walls onto the
promenade. Follow the road to the right of the Crusader city (courtesy: Tzofit

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