Garlic Wisdom from Pekiin

a child growing up in pre-State Israel, Amnon Uziyahu was taught by his mother
that garlic must be put only in clay pots — never in metal pots. Over fifty
years later, Amnon ackowledges that the folklore on which he was raised,
has been proven scientically. Researchers discoverd that allicin, the key
ingredient in garlic, in fact breaks up in two stages and is rendered ineffective.
The first stage is when it comes in contact with metal.

Amnon further recalls clay pots of
crushed garlic immersed in alcohol that were stored underground, in the family
basement. In fact, his mother was right on target here too: the second allicin
killer is air. By storing the crushed garlic, immersed in alcohol, in clay
pots, the strength of allicin is preserved and the garlic’s curative powers
are kept intact. Born in Pekiin, a village in the north of Israel
which dates back to the Second Temple, the family matriarch is now
an elderlywoman. She is not surprised that her son grows organic garlic
which he turns into essence of garlic, from his farm on Moshav Ein HaBesor
in the Negev.

Garlic is an age-old cure all. Documentation
was found written on papyrus that garlic was used to prevent worms and lower
blood pressure. In the Middle Ages, it was thought to have magical powers
that would cure diseases caused by evil spirits.

Jewish literature from 1200 years
ago mentions its positive and curative effects. One legend says that the
builders of the pyramids in ancient Egypt were forced to eat garlic to give
them strength. The ancient Tibetan formula mixed alcohol and garlic. Today
you can get all the good in one small bottle. Bio-Garlic, an essence
of garlic in a liquid form mixed with alcohol, bypasses the stomach and goes
directly into the bloodstream, enabling quick and effective medicinal effects.
Magically, the garlic odor disappears within five minutes. A natural antibiotic,
garlic reinforces the immune system.

Each 100 ml bottle of Bio-Garlic contains
the essence of 1/2 kilo of garlic, with 0.7 allicin, the highest concentration
on the market. The garlic is grown organically, and is thus free of any toxic
pesticide residues, by Amnon Uziyahu. Uziyahu, a member of Moshav Ein HaBesor,
in the Western Negev, has been a farmer for over 35 years. For the last twelve
years he has grown a range of organic vegetables, garlic being just one of
them. Uziyahu supplies the toxic-free raw material to Teva Habsor Laboratories,
where garlic essence is extracted and mixed with alcohol to stablize the
active ingredients.

to Prof. Esther Faran, Director of the Dept. of Hypertension, Soroka Medical
Center, and lecturer at the School of Medicine of Ben Gurion University,
garlic is one of the key alternative treatments used to lower blood pressure,
reduce triglycerides in the blood system and help prevent blood clotting.
Additionally, it is known to prevent hardening of the arteries, balance thyroids,
fortify the coronary, vascular and pulmonary systems as well as relieve chronic

Text by J. Isaacson


remember the words of Amnon’s mother: Never take Bio-Garlic with a metal


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