Michal Meron

Tetzaveh Bible portion

for Feb. 23
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Michal Meron paints
in the naive style because she believes that is the best form of art to reach
the “child within the adult” and connect with children in an interactive

One of her latest works is a series
of open edition prints representing all 54 portions of the Bible and the
accompanying Haftarot. Thus, each week’s Torah portion is illustrated and
includes text from the Bible.

Meron has also created a series
of original acrylic works that depict the Biblical story of the Creation.
Employing rich colors and an energetic combination of outlined figures with
relevant texts, Kabalistic and Biblical symbols she has illustrated sentences
from the Holy Books in an exciting fashion.

The story of the Creation unfolds
day by day: the creation of light, sea and heavens, trees, seeds and plants,
sun, moon and stars, fish and birds, animals and human beings.

Meron’s passion for Jewish themes
stems from an avid interest in Jewish teachings. She believes that everything
which originates in Jewish lore can be interpreted artistically.

Michal Meron was born in Haifa, Israel,
and was educated in Vienna, Austria, and in Israel at the Tel Hai Art College.
Meron’s works have been exhibited in Europe and the United States in Jewish
museums, institutions, as well as public and private galleries.

Meron’s illustrated Passover Haggadah
has been published in Hebrew, English, French and Spanish.

Meron is focused on painting the entire
Tanakh in the “naive style.” She is currently working on her next project,
connected to the Tanakh, The Psalms. This new series of paintings
will portray each psalm individually and will be published in book form and
open edition prints.

Michal Meron lives in Israel and works
in her own studio in Old Jaffa.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Florence, Italy: The Great Synagogue
  • Venice, Italy:
    The Jewish Museum
  • New York: UAHC
    Center Gallery
  • Houston, Texas:
    JCC Gallery
  • London: Yakar
  • New York: Bet
    El Synagogue

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