Eating Indian in Israel
by Lila Rosenbloom

Rosenbloom celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in
in April 2000. Her visit to Israel on Chanukah was on her wishlist
— one that her parents happily fulfilled.

Maharaja is a vegetarian
Indian restaurant
in Ramle,
a city of Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Religious and
secular Israeli Jews, Indians, and tourists join together to eat Indian food.
Outside the restaurant there is a church. A few blocks away there is a mosque,
and a few block the other way, stands a Karaite synagogue.

The menu consisted of rice, a potato
and onion dish, an onion/potato “latke”, as well as other Indian delicacies.
To drink was lassi, a milkshake-type drink in mango, saffran and
strawberry flavors. The menu, in English or Hebrew, used the Indian names
of food but only the Hebrew one had explanations. Our waiter, though, gladly
explained everything to us. The food was very good, and it wasn’t at all

In the far booth sat an Indian couple.
The woman wore a beautiful yellow dress. It was an authentic Indian dress.
In the booth behind them sat a Jewish religious couple. In another booth
sat secular Israelis. The multi-cultural atmosphere was nice and the food
was good, probably a nice night for all.

In the back of the restaurant is a
store which sells Indian food and music tapes. It also sells things like
ginger and spices. There are also desserts to make at home.

For dessert, we had pistachio ice cream which was orange. We also had an
interesting drink that had milk, some sort of red gel, yellow noodles, and
tapioca. There was also a hot dessert in the shape of a ball. It was very
sweet and good.

Maharaja is a wonderful clean restaurant.
It is a nice way to spend an enjoyable evening. Also Ramle is a nice place
to spend the day and finish it up at Maharaja.


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