Woman in 3-D

She Who Rises Above (detail)
Source Israel visited Elinore Koenigsfeld at her studio in Kiryat
Ono, Israel.

Koenigsfeld, a graduate of American
University, Washington, DC, works in watercolor, mixed media and three-dimensional
art. Koenigsfeld studied under the sculptor Rudi Lehman, one of the founders
of Ein Hod artists’ village as well as a teacher of both Israeli sculptor
Yigal Tumarkin, and Israeli artist Moshe Kadishman. Her career has included
making artistic re-creations, maps and models for museums. Examples of this
work can be seen at Megiddo Museum and at the Beit Yigal Alon Museum at Kibbutz

Her latest major work is an interpretation
of womanhood in a three-dimensional medium. Koenigsfeld explains the evolution
of Womages: Phases and Facets of the Feminine, her newest exhibit.

Phases and Facets of the Feminine
took form from three converging paths:

  • Intense drawing of ethnic masks and
    figures of awe in museums and books;
  • Reading about
    mythology and the female psyche and
  • Finding pieces
    of marble on my thinking walks to add to the collection of beads and crystals
    at home waiting to find their place.”

  • She Who Will Multiply (detail)

    “Quite suddenly,
    as if spilling over from unfelt sources, the Womages seemed to emerge of
    themselves… Clay and rock, mirror and bone, silver and precious stone took
    form as representatives of stages of life — the unborn, girlhood, youth,
    mature womanhood, the crone — and of aspects of being that can come to
    expression in us all: play, aspiration, giving, grabbing, anger, acceptance,

    Her project-in-the-works is an interactive
    environment which explores ways to end violence of all kinds. Started before
    9/11, the installation is a team endeavor with two other women artists.

    Elinore’s most recent major show was
    “Past, Present, Future” at the National Jewish Museum in Washington, DC
    in 1997; her upcoming exhibit will be in March 2002 at Beit Gavriel on the

    Text compiled by J. Isaacson and D.
    Rosenbloom. Photos by Elinore Koenigsfeld.


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