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ALOFT 2001 — International Birdwatching Festival

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Save the date: 20-25 November 2001

The Hula Valley,
in north-eastern Israel, is one of the most important birdwatching sites
in the Middle East. There are about 390 different bird species in an area
of about 50 square kilometres. Many species, such as the Pelican and the
Common Crane, are concentrated in very large flocks in the valley. About
30 raptor species are seen here during the year, among them rare species,
such as the Greater Spotted Eagle, Imperial Eagle and others.

The ALOFT 2001 International Birdwatching
Festival will take place in November this year. This is the period between
the autumn migration and the winter season, so it is still possible to see
the enormous flocks of migrating birds such as the Common Crane and White
Pelican, as well as the birds that have already arrived to spend the winter

Check out these excellent birding
sites in the Hula Valley:

  • Gamla Nature Reserve where dozens of
    Griffon Vultures can be seen, and, with a bit of luck, Bearded Vultures (Lammergeier)
    and Black Vultures.
  • Mount Hermon is
    not covered with snow yet so a variety of mountain birds can be seen.
  • Bet Shean Valley
    (near Kfar Ruppin) with its great variety of migrating species as well as
    local avifauna such as the Dead Sea Sparrow.
  • Mount Arbel where
    the Wallcreeper and Alpine Accentor can be seen.

  • In addition to the exciting days spent
    at the wonderful birdwatching sites, ALOFT 2001 will offer interesting lectures
    given by professional lecturers and the opportunity to enjoy warm Israeli

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