King David

A-mazing King David

is the experience that awaits you? The King David Maze is a special experience
of getting lost… only to find your way to the goal and back again. This
entertaining journey is filled with adventures for all ages, an experience
in nature for all ages along the maze paths built around the life story of
King David. Advance if you solve the riddles, hints, and clues. Meet real-live
Biblical people as they step out of history. There are prizes for unlocking
the mysteries and for navigational skills. The range of activities in King
Solomon’s courtyard includes puppet shows, painting and mosaic workshops,
picture perfect locations, games. There are “6 minute” mazes designed for
competitive and amusing sport. Biblical coffee shop and refreshment stands,
souvenirs, opportunities to meet the actors. Plan on staying for three hours
in order to enjoy all the activities in both the maze and the courtyard.

Adrian Fisher who designed the maze
is an expert maze designer and artist from England with an international reputation.
His other first-class mazes can be visited in England, the U.S., Australia
and Japan. The King David Maze was inspired by one of the most famous artistic
renditions of Kind David.

The King David Maze is in the Elah
Valley, on the site of the battlefield where David defeated Goliath over
3000 years ago. It is only a 40-minute drive from Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv or
Ashkelon The entrance is through Kibbutz Netiv Halamed-He The maze is situated
in an ideal area for trips and outings: The Abshalom Caves, Beit Govrin
National Park, Britain Park, Latrun Tank Museum, the monasteries of Latrun
and of Beit Jamal, the Wine Route, Rabin Road, and Park Canada are all near

Hurry or you will miss the maze! The
Maze will disappear on the 14th of October when it will be harvested Latecomers
will have to wait for next year: another story, another maze.

Hours Morning 09:30- 13:30

Afternoon 15:30-19:30

Saturdays & Holidays 10:00-19:30

For more information, call: 02-9900271 

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