Lavih Serfaty

Lavih Serfaty

Edom mountains

Lavih Serfaty’s pictures evoke strong reactions: “When I saw Lavih Serfaty’s
picture of the Dead Sea, my heart stopped beating,”

This month we have the privilege of
introducing you to Lavih Serfaty, an Israeli artist who was born in Casablanca
in 1945. Serfaty immigrated to Israel in 1956 and later served in the army.
A graduate of the Bezalel School of Art in Jerusalem, Serfaty has designed
and participated in exhibitions, and worked as an art director for a design

“Most of my pictures were drawn after
the Yom Kippur War when I was mobilized in the Sinai Desert. There I was strongly
influenced by the color and the movement of the light, the dunes, the stones,
the rocks, villages and some isolated houses. It reminds me of the view
from Morroco where all the houses in the villages were painted in white against
the background of red earth. During the day the light and the shade move
from one place to another and the shapes and the forms change. The windows
were painted blue or turquoise against the evil eye.

Marsaba Monastery

(Judean Desert)

I saw those views again here in Israel,
Lebanon and in many villages in the West Bank. Then I began drawing with
watercolors on the borders of Israel where the views are especially inaccessible.
So instead I imagine the life over the border and the atmosphere there. I
have worked in watercolor and but my latest pictures are done in acrylic.

City in the desert

Paul Klee has influenced my work,
but I admire the works of Joan Miro the most.”

Exhibits abroad

  • Paris: Gallery Ethienne de Causant
  • Paris: Centre
    Edmond Fleg

  • Text by J. Isaacson.


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