Pitch A Tent

Corn fields
the top of Israel, in a land of silver green olive trees, grape vines, and
red spiky-tipped espaliered plum trees, spring has sprung.

Spring, the perfect season to pack
a tent and head for the hills – which is what we did. The campgrounds of
Horshat Tal [translation: Grove of Dew] are interlaced
with the rushing water of the Dan River. As we pay the entrance fee,
we are reassured there will be space for our tent: in fact, ours is the only
tent that night.

The man-made lake — filled with the
refreshing/freezing water of the Dan River – (at a constant year-round temperature
of 12 degrees C [55 degrees F]) — beckons. Surrounded by shade
trees, the only sound is — trite but true — the gurgling brook.

Birds, gurgles, greenery, water -
the perfect getaway.

But wait, it gets better: Dag Al
(translation: Fish on the Dan [river]) fish restaurant is a 2-minute
drive from our luxurious tent-for-two. As we enter the private grounds, lights
on either side of the path lead us to the riverside alfresco restaurant. What
you need to know is that whereas at Ein Gev, the well-known fish restaurant
on the shores of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), you eat St. Peter’s fish,
at Dag Al HaDan on the shores of the Dan River, specialty of the house is
the home-grown river trout. Smoked, stuffed, grilled or fried, this is the
best. One of my all time favorite restaurants in Israel, Dag Al HaDan’s wooden
tables and chairs are spread out along the meandering shoreline of the Dan
River. Under leafy willow trees and broad-leafed fig trees that emit a minty,
figgy aroma, the candle-lit tables encourage lingering.

Spring in the upper Galilee bursts
with color and scent. Van Gogh-like sunflower fields, dunams of corn shoots,
new born calves and protective cows — it all adds up to serenity.

Sunflowers in the Galilee

Text and photos by J. Isaacson.


camping and straw huts are not your style, an excellent alternative is the
hotel at Kibbutz HaGoshrim (next to Horshat Tal National Park) and
also on the Dan River. And if you like the sound of rushing water, request
a room on the Dan. Although not renovated, these rooms are comfortable and
are surrounded by trees and water.
Tel: 04-681-6000. Fax: 04-695-6234


Tour Israel and visit Horshat Tal National Park, east of Qiryat Shemona, on Route 99. Entrance
to the campgrounds is separate from entrance to the park. Both campers and
day trippers have access to the lake.
Facilities:Tent sites. For less rustic folk, straw huts
with beds are available. Central showers and toilet facilities. Snack bar.
Mini-market. Fishing ponds.
Tel: 04-694-2360. Fax: 04-695-9360.

Dag Al HaDan: Kosher with certificate.

Tel: 04-695-0225

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