Inbal Dance

Dance Exchange

Jerusalem [Keshet Chaim]

Both the virtual and the actual visitor to Israel can enjoy contemporary
Israeli dance through the collaboration of Keshet Chaim [Rainbow of
Life] of Los Angeles, and the Inbal Dance Theater of Tel Aviv. These
two contemporary dance troupes will be participating in an International
Exchange for a series of performances, workshops, and collaborative rehearsals.

“We are passionate about our mission
of educating American Jews about the cultures and history of Israel’s ethnic
minorities,” says Eytan Avisar, artistic director of Keshet Chaim.

The Inbal Dance Theater, founded 50
years ago by Israel Prize Laureate Sara Levi-Tenai, is the only professional
Israeli dance theater to maintain the cultures and heritage of Israel’s multi-ethnic

Benadam [Inbal Dance Theater]

Other dances in Inbal’s repertoire
depict the clash between traditional Jewish values and modern Israel. Housed
in the picturesque Suzanne Dellal Center, Inbal Dance Theater is regarded
as a national cultural treasure and receives international acclaim.

“Israel’s strength comes from the blend of cultures that live together in
this tiny country. Through dance, Inbal aims to celebrate ethnic uniqueness
and encourage pride in heritage,” states Haim Shiran, artistic director of

Keshet Chaim, founded in 1983, is an
American-Israeli contemporary dance troupe that celebrates the spirit of
Judaism and Israeli culture. It is the major professional company of Israeli
folk dancers in the United States and a pioneer in the development of Jewish
dance. Keshet Chaim will be performing Jerusalem, A Mystical Journey,
a full evening performance that depicts the centrality of Jerusalem to Jews.
Originally premiered in 1998, it is being reworked for the International Exchange.

The International Exchange is funded
in part by the Tel Aviv/Los Angeles partnership of the LA Jewish Federation,
the Skirball Cultural Center and a combination of county, city and state arts

Joint performances in Los Angeles
are scheduled for February 2 and 3, 2002. Keshet Chaim will perform in Jerusalem,
Tel Aviv and Carmiel in July 2002.

Text by D. Rosenbloom.


For tickets to performances in the U.S., contact Genie Benson. Tel: (818)
784-0344 or
Keshet Chaim.

For tickets to the summer performances
in Israel, contact Inbal
Dance Theater.

or pricing information.

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