Magen Petting Zoo

Photo by M. Kaplan-Green
peaceful and possibly quiet break for families visiting agriculture projects
and the Zeelim
in the Western Negev is the Magen Petting Zoo. Here peacocks
stake their turf and make their pleasures known as they strut through the
park. A wide range of fowl do their own thing, while the farm animals are
eager to be petted and fed. Look, but don’t touch the exotic cacti in the
cactus garden.

The Magen zoo is a shady, cool stop
— with or without little children.

Photo by M. Kaplan-Green


Magen Petting Zoo on Route 232 south of Ma’on Junction.

Follow signs to the zoo. Parking, entry tickets and refreshments, are across
the dirt road from the entrance.
Tel: 08-998-3039 or 053-223-826.

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