Zeelim Desert Spa

Desert Spa

Photo by M. Kaplan-Green

The spa at
Kibbutz Ze’elim
As in Kibbutz
, the water source is 10,000 year old brackish water from underground
springs. Ze’elim’s small spa has a 30 person capacity. Winter or summer
the daytime sun is strong in the Western Negev. Adjacent to the spa is a
lovely communal outdoor swimming pool and seating area. A visit to the new
spa at Kibbutz Ze’elim is always a welcome break. The spa has an intimate
cave-like feel to it. The turquoise-colored domed ceiling with cut-out shapes
resembles a typical Turkish spa.

Conflict or paradise? New opportunities
have pluses and minuses. Economic benefits even in a faltering economy come
with a price, so comments members of the kibbutz committee that conceived
of the spa.

The opening of the spa is a mixed blessing.
“The economic benefits area problem. Financial success is going to bring
about he destruction of our social structure.” Members of the kibbutz are
proud that they have maintained a traditional kibbutz lifestyle despite the
many recent changes in the overall kibbutz movement and on many kibbutzim.
“Now we have a conflict between those who are looking towards the future and
those who want to maintain our current lifestyle based on agriculture.”
The socialist kibbutz has 160 members and is home to an additional 200 people.

And don’t forget: if the spa has a
slightly stinky smell to it — the smell of rotten eggs — that is the sulphur
— and it is good for you!

Photo by M. Kaplan-Green


  • Children over five are welcome.
  • Spa treatments
    for adults available by appointment.
  • Overnite accommodations:
    08-998-9268; 053-575268
  • info

    Take a road trip in Israel and relax at the day spa at Kibbutz Ze’elim
    on Route 222 south of Route 234.
    Tel: 08-998-9272; 053-575272

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