Moshe Gershuni – Native
Israeli Painter

And He Is Merciful

1988 mixed media on paper

Copyright: Jerusalem Review

No. 2 1997/8
Gershuni has long been recognized as one of the leading painters in Israel.
Both his work and his biography can be described as a truth-seeking quest
which gave birth to significant personal insights as well as to moving works
of art. Born in Tel Aviv, nothing in Gershuni’s typically Israeli upbringing,
nor his first steps as an minimalistic-conceptual artist, could foretell
that later on in his artistic career he would become an expressionist painter,
smearing the canvass with color clots resembling body secretions, go back
to his Jewish roots and consistently incorporate them in his work.

Roee Rosen’s essay, published in The Jerusalem Review Vol. 2 (illustrated
with color reproductions), sheds new light on the artist’s intriguing visual
language and technique. Just as surprising is Gershuni’s personal journey
which led him when in his 40’s and already a father of two sons and husband
to Bianca, an important artist in her own right, to a courageous redefining
of his sexual identity which he publicly acknowledged, and which can be traced
in his work.


thanks to Lea Hahn, Managing Editor,
The Jerusalem Review.

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