Ilan Foundation

Ilan Foundation for Handicapped Children

Photo by M. Kaplan-Green

In an ideal world, all of us would reach our greatest potential whatever
that might be. ILAN seeks to help each one of its clients achieve his or
her dreams and goals of becoming self-sufficient.

Ilan Sheltered Workshop in Jerusalem
provides employment for up to 30 severely physically disabled adults over
the age of 21. They live in their family homes, moshavim, the San Simeon institution
and the Ilan Home for the Handicapped in Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood. The
artistic products include lampshades, designed by students in the Bezalel
Academy of Arts and Design and built by the workshop employees. Additionally,
they make silkscreen challah and matzah covers, handmade paper, including
greeting cards, stationery and envelopes; dolls; pottery and wooden accessories.

Photo by M. Kaplan-Green
Everyone is skilled in creating two
products. Most of the preparation and finish work are done by the supervisory
staff or one of the thirteen volunteers. Each project is time consuming due
to the physical handicaps of each worker.

The products are sold at the workshop
and at the Jerusalem Craft Fair, held in August.

Children, adults and their families are all given support and additional
services through the wide range of programs, educational facilities, homes
and schools in the Ilan network.

Photo by M. Kaplan-Green

Ilan — Israel’s first non-profit

Back in 1952, one percent of Israel’s population was effected by polio.
Those 6,000 people required more health and support care than the young country
was able to provide. For the first time, volunteers banded together to create
Ilan, Israel’s first non-profit organization.

The organization was founded by Professor
Emil Adler, a rehabilitation specialist and a group of public health nurses,
to purchase physical aides for people afflicted with polio. As a young a poor
country, neither the social service nor the medical system were set up to
provide the basic physical aides needed such as wheelchairs and walkers to
those who were afflicted with polio.

As the organization grew it focused
services on rehabilitation, kindergartens and residential homes when needed.

Although the polio epidemic was eventually
wiped out, other birth defects and conditions continue to affect a sizable
population. Today Ilan clients learn to live with disabilities resulting from
cerebral palsy (CP), muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, spinal bifida
and other severe neural muscular disorders. Today four out of every thousand
babies are born with CP.

llan Sheltered Workshop

19 Emek Refaim St., Jerusalem [German Colony]

From 9 AM and 1 PM daily except Saturday.

Tel: 02-563-7752

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