Simply Eggplant

An entire
book devoted to eggplant! Is it possible? How can someone actually concoct
so many good recipes with the eggplant as the main character?

Don’t laugh, the author has many clever
ideas for the vegetable. She has even hosted an entire dinner party where
eggplant was served in each and every dish!

Shirley Smalheiser, author of Simply
Eggplant: Kosher Recipes from Around the World
, is a woman of many
talents. Her relaxed and open manner enable people to feel at home with
her quickly and by the end of the meeting, she seems to be a long-time acquaintance.
So maybe it is her way of looking at something from a variety of vantage points
that enables her to come to the table with numerous options and ideas, be
it for eggplant, or vegetarian burgers, the topic of her next cookbook.

Smalheiser credits her love of eggplant
to her mother. “We ate it all the time,” she says. “I wrote the cookbook to
my taste, and tested all of the recipes on friends,” says Smalheiser.

Smalheiser immigrated
to Mitzpe
a pollution-free hilltop desert town, twelve years ago with her
husband, from the U.S. She holds an MS degree in home economics from the
University of Iowa. She taught Chinese cooking for nine years and lectures
on the uses of soy products.

Smalheiser travels around the world
— but is never just a tourist. She and her husband believe that “active tourism”
is the way to see the world. On a recent trip to Thailand, they not only
experienced Thai massage, but learned how to practice it. On a forthcoming
trip to China, the couple has signed up for an eight-week course in Tai Chi
to be given at Beijing University.


Eggplant: Kosher Recipes from Around the World
, includes history
and folklore, cultivation, varieties, nutritional value, recipes and many
other uses for the vegetable.

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