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Welcome to the premier issue of @The Source.

@The Source, the on-line magazine of Israel
addresses people who are interested in seeing and learning about
Israel through its history, arts and cultures.

Our Intimate Israel column
highlights the lesser-known aspects of the country.
We focus on family-operated cottage industries
whose products range from gourmet food items, wine and cheese-making to

In Bookshelf and Portrait of An
, we profile writers whose
works are translated into English, and artists we think you would
like to meet.

Tour & Learn presents concrete ways
to weave a learning experience into touring.
Learning experiences explore
ecology, Torah, self-awareness, religion, and culture.

In our Lend-A-Hand column, we suggest
how a few hours of one’s time can make
a difference and make the world a better place.

In collaboration with
II-A’s consultant tour guides, Jackie and Yaacov Sivek, we
Whimsical Excursions, our theme-based
travel program which
centers on a personality, concept, or adventure.

Read and enjoy!

E-mail us and let us know what
you think.

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