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A media relations specialist and an author,
Shifra Horn is a native Jerusalemite.
She is divorced and has one child and two cats.
She lives and works in Jerusalem and relaxes in Tel Aviv.

Four Mothers is a surrealistic novel based in Jerusalem. Horn
uses authentic historical documentation from the past
150 years to tell the story of four generations of
women who raised their daughters without the support of a man.
The book deals with the concept of loneliness. It grew out of
Horn’s own experience when she was sick and did not
want to worry others. This is Horn’s first work of fiction.

Horn lived in Japan for five years. During that time she wrote
Shalom Japan,
a study of life in Japan from the perspective
of an Israeli living there.
She delves into such topics as what motivates Japanese adults to study
Hebrew; the contrast of the timid Japanese woman to the reality of her role
as manager of household finances;
education; feminism;
daily life; and public transportation.

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