Meet Israeli Author, Yael Hedaya Intrigued by the themes in Housebroken, and the fact that while this is the first of Hedaya’s works to be translated into English, her works have already


Lilith Restaurant Project Lend-A-Hand by eating in a trendy California-style restaurant? So what’s the deal? Situated in the business district of Tel Aviv, Lilith Restaurant offers a diverse choice of


Vessels with Movement Master craftsman, Felicity Bernstein, creates clay pots reminiscent of golden desert sands. Movement is apparent in the huge display vessels in Bernstein’s new series. An expert ceramicist,


Secrets of the Desert Inquiring minds will marvel at the impressive city of Avdat, built and inhabited by the Nabateans. It is one of the few surviving documented areas (Petra being the


Tmol Shilshom Translator Barbara Harshav and author Meir Shalev read from Only Yesterday. What better combination of small luxuries than a fresh green salad with mushrooms and mustard


Middle Eastern Dance Joan Kafri The 5th Annual Festival of Middle Eastern Dance will take place at Kibbutz Sha’ar HaGolan, Jordan Valley, Israel, beginning Wednesday, July 11, 2001.