Hills of Jerusalem [Continued from last month’s issue] Satiated, we drove on to the town of Nataf, a residential community nestled in the Judean Hills, where we hiked to


Magen David Adom Volunteer carrying an oxygen tank Courtesy: Magen David Adom At the tender age of 26, Yochai P. is already a veteran volunteer. As a young teenager, Yochai


Sonia Toor Jerusalem Landscape I In a traditional Israeli-style home surrounded by a garden, a world away from the hustle and bustle, yet actually in the center of Petach Tikva,


Gambling Bees Gamblers Anonymous need not open a division for bees. Researchers know that bees are not comfortable with high risk ventures and tend to invest their time and energy in the


Magen Petting Zoo Photo by M. Kaplan-Green A peaceful and possibly quiet break for families visiting agriculture projects and the Zeelim spa in the Western Negev is the Magen Petting


Archaeology Digs Sifting and digging through dirt in Israel’s treasure-rich earth may be your way of bridging the past with the present. Join a summer archaeology course and dig at