Ilan Foundation

Ilan Foundation for Handicapped Children Photo by M. Kaplan-Green In an ideal world, all of us would reach our greatest potential whatever that might be. ILAN seeks to help each one

Jerusalem Review

From the Warsaw Ghetto to Israel’s Literary Renaissance As is time and again revealed when looking into the personal history of many Israelis, reality is often stranger than fiction.

Wintering with the Birds

Wintering with the Birds Although tourists may be avoiding Israel, birds are flocking to these shores in unprecedented numbers. Our fine-feathered friends consider Israel an ideal spot to spend the winter. Israel

Kibbutz Gvulot

Make Like An Egyptian Remember when the Jews were slaves in Egypt? Probably not. But you can get the “feel” of it by joining a mud brick-making workshop at Mitzpe Gvulot

Water and Diamonds

Water and Diamonds in the Desert Close your eyes and imagine a desert with some brush. For miles that is all there is. Drinking water is as remote as the nearest


More Desert Cheese … and a Synagogue … Down the road from Kibbutz Gvulot, we came upon Moshe Attala – the resident cheesemaker in that neck of the desert. Attala, originally from