Nabatean Agriculture

Nabatean Agricultural Methods Karmey Avdat, one of the first five privately-owned farm settlements in the Negev Highlands, is the home of Eyal Israeli, his extended family and their dogs. Located off the


The Highest Form of Charity… Self-help, or teaching a person to provide and care for herself and her family, may be one of the greatest forms of tzedakah (charity). Mini

Magen David

“Jewish Symbolism” When thinking of Jewish symbols, one of the first to come to mind is the Magen David. However, the Magen David was not always a Jewish symbol. The Magen

Desert Cheese

Desert Cheese Making the desert bloom is a well-known phrase. Today a few idealistic people are making the dream come true. With the help of the Jewish National Fund, Israel’s first

Karen Alkalay-Gut

Poetry Reading by Karen Alkalay-Gut When Karen Alkalay-Gut arrived in Israel in 1972, and found herself in a non-English speaking environment, she began holding dialogues with herself through poetry. “Poems became


Simply Eggplant An entire book devoted to eggplant! Is it possible? How can someone actually concoct so many good recipes with the eggplant as the main character?