Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah in Israel: The Ultimate Family Sourcebook

Northern Israel

Israel has numerous ancient synagogues,
attesting to the presence of Jews
in Israel since time immemorial.

These are certainly different, interesting
and picturesque
places to become a Bnai Mitzvah.

Just think of the fabulous photos!

Be aware though, that these are the remains
of synagogues and not complete buildings.

Baraam Synagogue

Baraam is the site of two ancient synagogues. One synagogue

dates from the 3rd Century CE. The other is called

Obadiah’s synagogue, and a part of it is in the Louvre Museum.

Legend has it that Queen Esther of Purim fame is buried here.

What a great place for a Purim Bat Mitzvah!

Katzrin Synagogue

Located in the Katzrin Talmudic Village, a reconstructed site

from the Byzantine period.

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